New Red Scare

Lock up your children, for New Red Scare has arrived! With a fast and furious assault of sexually charged, politically bent, whiskey soaked punk and roll that will bring you to your knees begging for more…Really they’re fucking good!

Two Fisted Law

When these legendary New England Hardcore Punks take the stage they are large and in charge, delivering their style of old school melodic hardcore punk with that slight thread of classic country running threw it that made them famous. Two Fisted Law remain the standard, and carry the flag for the working class journeyman with a non stop tour schedule they continue to bring the fight year after year.

Lost In Society

Punk rock combined with a pop sensibility that hits it’s mark with amazing precision. Lost In Society are as tight a trio as you will find in any genre. They have gained legions of fans world wide due to their non stop touring and honest fan oriented work ethic that continues to impress their worldwide audience show after show after show.

American Pinup

American Pinup combines elements of Punk, Pop, Rockabilly, Surf, Folk and Ska, into their unique sound, they have gained considerable notoriety for their hooky compositions and energetic live performances. Their catchy melodies, strong lyrics, and dynamic musical arrangements combined with front woman Lauren West’s vocal abilities described by AMP magazine as “The voice of the new decade” prove American Pinup to be destined for something big.

Say Hello To The Angels

Angular, driven and beyond impressive, Say Hello To The Angels are rewriting the book on post-punk, and including chapters most have not yet even considered. Fronted by ex-Riddlin’ Kids’ Dustin Stroud, SHTTA are certifiable road dogs that are pushing the boundaries of post-punk.

The Jukebox Romantics

Jukebox Romantics
Band Camp

New Yorks The Jukebox Romantics, do killer punk rock combined with the occasional ska/rocksteady back beat that is simply undeniably fun, Their approach to their music is to the point, and slightly political without being preachy, and their sound is sure to get you pumping your fist, singing along and skanking away the first time you take a listen…It’s good shit!

Born To Lose

FUCK YEAH! is the only way to describe Austin’s favorite punk rock sons Born To Lose. Their working class, beer soaked anthems have secured them as one of the most important and influential punk bands ever to come out of the Lone Star state, reaching across oceans they have inspired both bands and fans worldwide with their exceptional song writing and musicianship. Born To Lose have earned the right be described as legends in their own time.

The Designer Drugs

The Designer Drugs emerged as one of the hottest underground acts of 2009. Their sex infused psychobilly leaning style of glam rock and intense live show was immediately noticed by press and promoters nation wide, and after 3 successful national tours including the Vans Warped Tour, The Designer Drugs in true rock and roll fashion imploded right at the cusp of greatness, leaving the world with one classic punk album, and for those lucky enough to see this band live, some amazing memories.

Punk Blues Review

PBR (or Punk Blues Review for those not yet hip to the band’s mastery) combine searing female vocals with raging guitar chops, intent on updating classic blues standards with a modern punk sneer. Old school for the new school, PBR personifies all things custom – Sailor Jerry tattoos, hot rod cars and whiskey-fueled late nights. Ideal for fans of Social Distortion, X, Blues Explosion and Me First and the Gimme Gimmes.

Casket Architects

Blazing their way through the stagnation of a co-opted and compromised music scene, the Casket Architects aurally assault audiences, forcing new blood to course through the veins of the indifferent. The Casket Architects are an explosive trio from Warwick, NY who have branded themselves sci-fi deth rock. Crossing the genres of punk, metal, and late 70’s industrial noise, the group tirelessly pursues a unique sound of their own. Sonically, they force you to join in their spastic rapture; lyrically, they dare you to enter the danger of their world, one in which scientists and surgeons dabble in black magic and every inner struggle is a paranoid fight to the death. Bassist Evan Schlomann’s driving, rollicking bass lines and drummer Annie Terror’s thunderous beats back the madman metal melodies of guitarist Mike Shaw. Topped by Shaw’s urgently grating vocals, the trio unleashes a torrent of musical emotion when they play, pushing the audience into that territory of ecstatic anguish which most of us dare not experience.